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How AboutHire works

Get started in 3 easy steps.

1. Post a job

Set up a preferred hourly rate, job description, and job-specific questions for Virtual Assistants to answer via video recordings.

2. Save time finding the perfect Virtual Assistant

Effortlessly browse profiles of qualified candidates, extend invitations for job applications, and easily filter preferred talent based on candidates' video interviews for faster and more efficient talent evaluation.

3. Hire the candidate

Communicate with only the top candidates via email, negotiate a salary, work hours, and your expectations. Pay talent directly without us taking a cut from VA/talent's paycheck

Job Dashboard

Manage all of your open jobs and candidates in one place.

Collaborative hiring

Give your team access to participate in the selection process.


Separate the good from the bad by rating candidates.

Search for the perfect Candidate

Efficiently find qualified Virtual Assistants with the skills you need.


Have us do the work for you with rejection email automation and video transcriptions.


AboutHire keeps your company and candidate's data safe.