Refreshingly simple video interview software

Hiring great talent is tough enough. Most other software makes it worse by over complicating things. AboutHire is different.

No Credit Card required

How AboutHire works

Get started in 3 easy steps.

1. Set your interview questions

Create job-specific questions for candidates to answer via video recordings. AboutHire interviews are asynchronous; review candidate responses at your convenience. Include the interview link in your job post and wait for candidate responses. No scheduling required.

2. Review the candidates

Our intuitive recruiter dashboard allows you to rate and filter candidates with just a few clicks, on any device and any browser. All responses will be saved and categorized for easy access.

3. Hire the best

You’ll be able to spot exceptional talent fast, by spending less time on scheduling and dealing with no-shows, and more time where it matters.

Job Dashboard

Manage all of your open jobs and candidates in one place.

Collaborative hiring

Give your team access to participate in the selection process.


Separate the good from the bad by rating candidates.

Relevant notifications

Receive notifications when candidates complete their interviews.


Have us do the work for you with rejection email automation and video transcriptions.


AboutHire keeps your company and candidate's data safe.